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If you share our deep commitment to protecting our environment and supporting human society through careful stewardship of our precious natural resources, please consider becoming a member of the BioPhysical ECOnomics Institute.

Developing a nuanced approach to managing our energy transition, in a way that achieves the highest efficiency in the use of our natural endowments, requires a re-thinking of the foundations of neoclassical economics. Please join us as we start a new kind of conversation that puts energy and the environment at the heart of ECOnomics. Changing the way we collectively think about the environment, as it relates to economics, will take more than a village!

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The BioPhysical Economics Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit (501c3) organization of scientists, economists, investment experts, corporate & project finance analysts and policy professionals. Together, we are working to bring the natural sciences into economic analysis and decision making. Our mission is primarily educational, as we seek to build understanding of the vital role that energy plays in economic and human life. The Institute’s funding derives from a combination of membership dues, the distribution of educational materials and certification fees, private donations and public sector grants. We maintain our objectivity through a diversified base of support that does not rely on the generosity of any one – or small number of – individuals or groups.

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