7/12/22 Webinar: “Riding the Energy Transition: Separating Sustainable Projects and Investments from Greenwashing and Waste”

There are trillions of dollars chasing ESG investments and virtually every company is portraying itself as sustainable. However, when applying unbiased natural sciences, it becomes clear that, despite good intentions, some approaches are merely a wasteful draw on our planet’s precious limited resources, whereas others are more sustainable than they might initially appear. This panel explored using BioPhysical Economics to add a new lens to these issues and the unique insights it offers. 

The questions addressed in this panel discussion included:

          How useful is the ESG framework to pick truly sustainable investment projects?

•         What is a measurable way to help to cut through this?

•         What are examples where this approach leads to radically different insights?

•         How would you embed this type of thinking in a practical way to day-to-day investment decision-making within companies to make themselves more sustainable over time?

Moderator: Jan-Pieter Oosterom president of the Biophysical Economics Institute and a board advisor for energy companies going through corporate transformations.

Chris McNally, BPEI Advisory Board member, Senior Managing Director for Evercore ISI, responsible for lead coverage of Global Automotive & Mobility equity research franchise out of their London office.

Patrick Kent, BPEI Board member, Lead Portfolio Manager for the US Opportunistic Equity strategies and head of the Small-Mid Cap Equity Research team at Newton Investment Management group.

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