11/14/22 Webinar: “Hydrogen: Separating #hopium from Reality”

Monday, November 14, 2022


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BPEI is proud to welcome Paul Martin, Co-Founder of the Hydrogen Science Coalition, to discuss his take on hydrogen use in renewable energy and the way toward decarbonization. As he states in his online blog: “Hydrogen is being sold as if it were the “Swiss Army knife” of the energy transition. Useful for every energy purpose under the sun….Why do you hate hydrogen so much? I DON’T HATE HYDROGEN! I think it’s a dumb thing to use as a fuel, or as a way to store electricity. That’s all.”

Join us for this 1-hour talk full of insights from a leading expert to learn how to cut through the hype. There will be an opportunity for open Q & A at the end.

Paul Martin is a Canadian chemical engineer with decades of experience making and using hydrogen and syngas. He’s a chemical process development specialist offering services to an international clientele via his private consultancy Spitfire Research. He is also co-founder of the Hydrogen Science Coalition, a nonprofit organization providing science-based information about hydrogen from a position free from commercial interest.

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